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Which office space options is the most appropriate? What are The Needs of Mothers Following Childbirth?

Being a mother must be very challenging and not an easy job. They must be able to sacrifice everything for the sake of the family. Especially when added to the content they carry. As a result of these actions, often a mother puts her needs and desires aside, especially care related to her health and herself. When they were asked the reason for sure they said that they didn’t have much time, even though nowadays everything can be requested online without any time limit. This can be seen from the lack of counseling that makes many mothers blurry about the existence of mother care products online Malaysia.

Mother care is a health product that is created without ingredients that are harmful or react to the ingredients they carry everywhere. These products can be divided into two types, namely during pregnancy and after giving birth as the recovery period.

Based on research in Malaysia, in taking care of the body, there are several products that generally need to be prepared, such as:

  • Belly Support as a belt that serves to support or support the abdomen and lower back during pregnancy.
  • Washable Disposable Pads, which are pads that can absorb water and function to prevent breast milk from seeping out. The breast pad is worn inside the bra and covers the nipple, areola, and surrounding areas.
  • Skincare that is harmless and does not contain Parabens, Oxybenzone, Soybeans, Hydroquinone, Retinoids, and Hydroxy Acids. This is because if consumed by pregnant women according to research during pregnancy, it can increase the risk of brain bleeding.
  • Creams, Balms, Oils, Gels, and Cleansers which are generally used to remove stretch marks after childbirth
  • Nursing Bras that have a tight shape at the bra strap but are easy to open the bra cup upwards. So that when breastfeeding, between the breast and baby will not be blocked and maximize skin contact.
  • Underwear that is smooth and not tight. After giving birth by caesarean section, many mothers are confused about what underwear to wear. Of course, changes in body shape affect the concerns of new mothers who go through this phase. The clothing is used as a protective barrier that does not irritate and injure the surgical stitches.
  • Breastfeeding Pillow or a pillow that can help a mother to place their baby while breastfeeding, so they will not be tired to carry it
  • etc.

Why after giving birth in addition to taking care of the baby, they also need to take care of themselves? A mother’s health is often the number two priority after they take care of their children, especially at a vulnerable age, namely newborns. However, without a mother preparing or taking care of herself, they will experience a decline in health, which can cause stress that can disrupt the breast milk delivery system. Because according to research, stress will affect the production of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone should not be taken lightly, because this hormone helps the smooth production of breast milk. If a mother is stressed or tired, the hormone oxytocin will decrease, which will affect milk production. As a result, milk production will also decrease and cannot flow smoothly.