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The Bento Box, which contains three sections that may be utilised independently of one another, can fulfil all of these requirements—storage, organisation, and portability in a single container. When not in use, the silverware that comes with the box may be neatly tucked away within. When it comes to keeping food, this container is a great option since it doesn’t contain any BPA and is quite durable.

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Food Storage Jars That Are Sealed Hermetically

With 7 different containers in various sizes, the Container set is ideal for transporting a wide range of goods. These products include rice and grains like almonds and beans, as well as flour and sugar for bread and pastry making. Containers made from BPA-free plastic are sturdy and won’t shatter. Additionally, the containers’ transparency makes it simple to view what’s within each one. To ensure that the food retains its high degree of freshness for a long length of time, the unique sealing process was used. There is currently a vast range of kitchen storage containers malaysia.

Reorganizing and maintaining the pantry’s order is made easier by the use of containers. Finally, the shutting technique is simple and easy, which is a big plus for me.

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A Variety of Lunchbox Ideas, Suitable for All Ages

Cooking from scratch for your children is something that famous chef Katrina Springer strongly recommends for parents. If you follow to one simple guideline and execute it every week, you may gain a jump start on pre-organizing your weekly needs. Grain, vegetable, dairy, fruit, and protein should all be included in your children’s meals at all times. Your kid will get all of the nutrients he or she needs if you split the lunchbox into pieces that correspond to each of these categories. The chef who makes the following two ideas thinks they’d work well in a lunchbox.

  • Make cheesy muffins with bacon and vegetables to include carbohydrates, protein, and dairy in your diet. All three of your nutritional needs would be met with this.
  • They’re a great alternative to sandwiches because of their increased vegetable content and the fact that they can be frozen. A half-cup milk and two cups of self-rising flour go into making the muffins. Three eggs go into the batter. 

Grate one carrot and one zucchini, add a cup of frozen corn kernels, four bacon rashers, and a third of a cup of your favourite shredded cheese once everything has been well combined with a whisk. A muffin tray with 12 wells should be used to spread the mixture evenly. Before moving the items to a wire rack to cool completely, let them to cool in the muffin tray for five minutes to ensure proper cooling.


Cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, and cheese cubes are all good additions to this meal. A few simple components are all that is required. Adding a little of salt to the crackers makes them the ideal accompaniment to cheese. Using a peach, remove the stone and split it in half along its long axis. You can be sure that your child will like this lunchbox since it includes a broad variety of appetizing items in bright colours. Preserve your food in an airtight container if you want it to keep its flavour and appearance for as long as feasible.