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The Purpose of Implementing Automation Systems in Industry The Best Medicine Which Has Been Created

One of the treatments that doctors recommend when someone is diagnosed with a condition is taking medicine. Drugs can be produced utilizing natural substances, such as plants and animals, in addition to chemicals. For thousands of years, numerous types of research have been used to successfully generate medications. Numerous medications are designed to be easily ingested. Not all medications, meanwhile, are widely known. Several medications are also well known for being thought to be effective at treating ailments. The following are examples of the best drugs or medicine ever found:

  • Aspirin

The pharmaceutical industry was initially able to expand and grow thanks to the medicine aspirin. This chemical is used in combination with various medications as a treatment for various disorders. Originally used to treat fever and pain, aspirin was given a patent by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer on March 6, 1889. Felix Hoffman, a talented pharmacist, was responsible for the development of painkillers. In order to treat his father’s rheumatism, he began manufacturing acetylsalicylic acid, and it worked well. Following the acquisition of the patent, Bayer started providing German doctors with aspirin in powder form.

  • Chlorpromazine/Thorazine

The 1950s saw the introduction of this medication as a sedative. This medication’s introduction marked a paradigm shift in the field of psychiatry. By 1964, over 50 million people had used this medication to ease mental issues. Additionally, this medication is used to treat depression and anxiety. The effects of these medications have greatly improved understanding of mental disorders.

  • Nitrogen Mustard 

In the 1920s, this substance was successfully produced for use in chemical warfare weapons. Some operatives employ this substance to render enemies helpless while engaged in combat. However, numerous research conducted in the 1940s revealed that a component of nitrogen mustard was effective against cancer. Mechlorethamine is a substance that has cancer-fighting properties, especially with regard to human lymphoma. The US Food and Drug Administration finally approved mechlorethamine in 1949 as the first medication for the treatment of cancer.

  • AZT ( HIV/AIDS Medicine )

The US Food and Drug Administration approved AZT in 1987 as a breakthrough treatment or preventative measure for HIV/AIDS. Despite the fact that it cannot treat the illness, it has been discovered to increase the lifespan of AIDS patients. This medicine is now used more frequently in several nations throughout the world because of various improvements and research. At the start of the twenty-first century, there were fewer AIDS-related fatalities.

  • Family planning pills

Ludwig Haberlandt, an Austrian scientist, proposed in a study that hormones may be employed as an efficient contraceptive in animals around the beginning of the 1920s. He then continued his research on this discovery, however it remains unclear. His buddies expressed criticism and profanity and thought contraception was improper. Several scientists conducted human trials after almost two decades. The birth control pill was legalized in the United States in the 1960s at the urging of some activists.

And that’s why doctors are very important for mankind. Apart from finding good medicines and curing sick people, doctors are also useful for the future so that they can be guaranteed a job in the future. So let’s study health science in Malaysia.