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bachelor of medical science malaysia

Fresh graduates normally would be worried about what are the careers that they would be able to pursue in the future. Even before studying in the field chosen, they must have done the research for that. But it still does not change the fact that worrying about what we would be in the future is concerning. As for medical science students, there are plenty of jobs or careers that you can pursue, as long as your degree is compatible with them. In case any of you are interested to study in this field, there are quite a number of universities that offer a bachelor of medical science malaysia. So, what are the job opportunities for medical science graduates? Let’s find out in this post.

Research Scientist

A research scientist does a lot of things. They are responsible to carry out investigations and experiments in various areas to discover new findings. They can work in medical research, pharmacology, geoscience and meteorology field. Other than that, they make records and analyse data, carry out fieldwork such as sample collecting and write research papers and reports. Most of them would be employed by these agencies and organisations.

  • Universities
  • Government laboratories
  • Chemical companies
  • Private food companies
  • Pharmaceutical producers


bachelor of medical science malaysia

A pathologist is a medical professional that specialises in examining bodies and body tissues and studies disease too. Other than that, pathologists are required to perform lab tests. Often referred to as “the doctor’s doctor”, pathologists are very significant among others. They are responsible to:

  • Perform blood investigation to find out if there is any bleeding abnormality
  • Conduct blood sugar tests for patients with diabetes in order to find out the suitable medication dosage
  • Run biopsies to detect other conditions and to diagnose cancer


Most of us might know what a paramedic does. To be exact, paramedics are medical professionals who specialise in emergency and critical treatment. They can be divided and licensed for different practitioner levels. They are critical care, primary care, advanced care and the most significant one, emergency medical responder. Although they are not the same as doctors and nurses, their roles are very important in the healthcare system. They are obligated to possess these skills:

  • CPR
  • Make an assessment of patients
  • Give IV cannulation 
  • Bleeding control 
  • Shock management
  • Fracture and spinal injury management\

Health Educator

bachelor of medical science malaysia

Health educators are the individuals who teach and educate people on how to live a healthier lifestyle. They would most likely teach you about nutrition consumption and advice you on unhealthy activities. They focus on making people change their previous unhealthy habits and lifestyle to better ones. Their common job responsibilities are:

  • Assess people who need their advice and guidance 
  • Collect data and make an analysis of their patients 
  • Creating informational materials such as social media posts and posters
  • Make a consultation with both physicians and staff to discuss the services they provide

These are just some of the careers that you are able to pursue. There are many other careers that you might be interested in. The medical science field provides you with many benefits and career opportunities, so you don’t have to worry much about it. Anyway, good luck again in finding your desired job!